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Our new website is up and running at www.geistnote.com. We are in the process of moving all products over to the new site. If a product is not on this site anymore, it's because we have moved it to the new website. There are also price changes, some lower and some higher. Thanks!

Geisnote's new website featuring our Gōst Cable Assemblies™ product line and many other new products will launch on 2/1/2018. We will also have our ribbon modification services available to customers and microphones from MXL, CAD, APEX, ART, sE, and Geistnote. That's right, our own microphone (available sometime in 2018)!

Geistnote is proud and excited to introduce Gōst Cable Assemblies™.

Gōst Cable Assemblies™ is our first line of cables targeting studio, stage, and live sound applications with a focus on neutrality, strength, and durability. Utilizing our latest cable manufacturing practices, EasyCoil™ and NoKink™, Gōst Cable Assemblies™ are built to last, but they still carry a lifetime warranty and a modest price tag.

The name Gōst (pronounced “ghost”) reflects the neutrality of the cables. When you use a Gōst, the cable becomes invisible in your signal chain! No color is added OR taken away.

The EasyCoil™ technology, as the name suggests, assures the cables are extremely easy to coil due to the secondary jacket. This helps the cable to hold its form (when properly wound) and provides extra protection, resulting in a longer life. Our NoKink™ practice is geared toward protecting the ends of the cables. Since XLR connectors are heavy, cables often develop kinks at each end over time. Our tertiary “jacket” is applied to both ends to prevent this from happening. With these two features combined, the result is a high-quality, easy to manage cable that will go the distance and then some.

Initially, Gōst Cable Assemblies™ will only be found on reverb.com.

In August of 2012, Kevin Geist formed Geistnote to market his hobby and love of designing and creating anything related to music. You might ask, "Why is geistnote listed under the Custom Shop?” It's here it market our ability to design and build a vast amount of equipment. At the moment our focus is microphones and cables, but we recently acquired 3D printers, CNC machines, and looking at transformer winding machines (bobbin and toroidal). Keep a look out for our logo online, because we have just started our journey...

~ Kevin Geist
Owner, Engineer, Chief Over-Analyzer, Musician

Evidence Audio™ was founded in 1997 to offer the finest Musical Instrument and studio cables available. Our technology is based on 20 years of research in preserving the quality of sound as it passes through electronics.

Cables are an area in the production and reproduction realm that can deliver serious improvement (or degradation) for the least amount of money. A void was recognized in the music industry for cable products based on merit rather than marketing hype. The formation of Evidence Audio is to bring performance-based cables at reasonable prices to those of us "laying it down."

~ Evidence Audio


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1.2um Foil
LL2914, Sweden
LL2915, Sweden
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Horizontal Crimper

Transformers from FAB are finally here!  
FAB XL, England
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Canare DA206 with Sleeve
Apogee Purple Word Clock
Apogee Purple S/PDIF

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