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GN-EA-MR Reverb RCA Cables

Geistnote's newest edition: Evidence Audio ~ The Monorail; Reverb RCA cables! Keep the signal strong with The Monorail's solid core conductor!

GN = Geistnote
EA = Evidence Audio
MR = The Monorail™

Can't figure out where the noise is coming from? Maybe the vintage RCA cables are the problem? If you are looking to upgrade, these are it. The right angle RCA's connectors from Switchcraft make it easy to install without bending the wires. The cables also have a protective sleeve to isolate the cables when installed.

What we need to know from you:

  • Length of each cable. Remove your old cables and measure them. You can usually shorten them a little.
  • Orientation of the right angle connectors. Common Fender Reverb Amp's, like the twin, will benefit from the connectors pointing in opposite directions (180 degrees).
Problems deciding? Send us an email with a picture of your amp, specifically, the tank and the reverb in/out on the back of the amp.

These cables will work on a variety of amps, not just fender!

Features Pricing
  • Super Compact
  • Small Outer Diameter
  • IGL™ Copper conductor
  • Solid Core Primary Conductor
  • 20 awg Conductor Size
  • 98% Shield Coverage
  • Spiral Shield
  • Low Capacitance
  • Durable Wrap that can be removed
  • Cardas Quad or Tri Eutectic Solder
  • Switchcraft Connectors
  • Geistnote's TLC
Length of First Cable
Length of Second Cable
Connector Config (Source to Destination)
Connector Orientation
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