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Geistnote's EA The Lyric HG™ XLR/TRS Snake (4 cables)

Geistnote was dreaming of an Evidence Audio Lyric HG snake, but we didn't want a permanent skin on the cables in order to use each cable individually... Introducing Geistnote's EA Lyric HG Snake. This snake has four color coded cables terminated with Neutrik connectors bundled together with a very high end removable wrap. You are getting four cables with two uses. Remove the wrap and you have four individual XLR or AES/EBU cables. Install the wrap, you have a snake!

Evidence Audio ranks the Lyric HG Microphone Cable among the best cable they offer. The combination of high-grade IGL copper conductors and solid core primary conductors means the Lyric HG offers up smooth midrange and highs with clarity and focus that reveal the harmonic detail and articulation. The mic cable's 20 AWG conductor size is large enough to communicate punch and authority, yet small enough to preserve a sense of air and delicacy. The symmetrical design of the Lyric HG cable allows dynamics to scream from the quietest of backgrounds without using the shield to carry your signal.

Other design benefits include conductive skins applied to the positive and negative runs for reduced microphonics with high gain amps, high-density copper braid shield to ensure a clean signal to your amp, and woven nylon jacket for increased flexibility and protection during stage use.

Features Pricing ($259.20 to $813.60)
  • IGL copper conductors
  • Symmetrical design
  • Solid core primary conductors
  • 20 AWG conductor size
  • Enhanced dielectric
  • Conductive skins applied to positive negative runs
  • High-density copper braid shield
  • Woven nylon jacket
  • Neutrik Connectors
  • Color coded rings on cables
  • Removable wrap to enable individual cable use
  • Cardas Quad or Tri Eutectic Solder
  • Geistnote's TLC
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