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Evidence Audio The Siren II™ Adapter

Geistnote's newest addition to our Evidence Audio Cable Family: The Siren II Speaker Adapter. You spent good money on a evidence audio Siren II cable and then use a different cable adapter? Hmmmm, that doesn't make sense. You just lost the Solid Core signal!

Reuse your straight to straight speaker cable as a Speak-On cable and save $$$$. Terminated with Neutrik connectors, this will be a valuable addition to any studio or gig bag.

The Siren II Speaker Cable features IGL and solid core primary conductors to give you open and extended midrange and high frequencies without glare or etching. Inside you'll find a bundle of 6 - 20 AWG conductors which avoid skin-effect anomalies yet are large enough together to provide ample damping. The open-core design of the Siren II speaker cable increases space between the conductors, while the polypropylene insulation holds them rigid to reduce magnetic interaction and electromagnetic modulation. The durable PVC jacket keeps the cord flexible enough while protecting the conductors.

Features Pricing $39.99
  • IGL copper conductors
  • Solid core primary conductors
  • Open-Core design
  • 15 AWG total size
  • Polypropylene insulation
  • Spiraled geometry
  • Durable PVC jacket
  • Neutrik Connectors
  • Cardas Quad or Tri Eutectic Solder
  • Geistnote's TLC
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